About the Hockey Program

The off-season hockey program at I WILL is designed to create a better athlete. Though our main focus is to better your on ice performance, the workouts will transfer to any sport. With the goal of improving your balance, speed, strength, and mobility, I WILL’s off-season training program will help push you past your competition and closer to your goals.

Dates & Times

New information coming spring 2021!

Ned Simpson

Ned SimpsonWhen I finished playing junior hockey in Northern Ontario, I came to the Midwest to pursue a degree in exercise science with an end goal of completing a doctorate in physical therapy, as well as compete at the college hockey level.
Spending my summers in sports specific gyms around Canada, I’ve seen the benefit that personal training can give to a person’s sport and overall quality of life. From seeing this progress of myself and others, I am very passionate about helping others reach their fitness and sporting goals. I am excited to train, and push athletes towards their personal and team goals.

Lindsey Cramer

Lindsey CramerAfter completing my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education at the University of North Dakota, I spent my next 15 years focused on fitness at all levels. Working with general population, as well as sports specific groups, I gained experience through 1 on 1, small group, and fitness class instruction and training. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with a specialization as a Performance Enhancement Specialist. I Will Fitness & Training was born from my desire to bring people to fitness through group exercise classes, as well as offer training for athletes to exceed their goals in a safe, professional environment.